The Truth about Caricature Artists!

Do you want Speed or Quality?   You can only have one!

The fastest caricature artist I know can do 27 pictures in 5 minutes. But yeah its basically a potato with a neck.

Quality is important to me with digital caricatures.   Color is important to me.  Digital caricatures in color typically will take about 10 minutes to create.  This yields about four to 6 caricatures an hour for your event.  Acceptable for a small soiree or birthday party but not acceptable for a large 300 person wedding. 

Digital in black and white yields  a rate of about 10-15 pictures per hour.    Larger parties can benefit from this.   For live events I prefer to work in black and white as this gives more people the opportunity to be drawn.

Keep in mind each person receives a  4x6 digital print at the time of the event.  The subject can also receive an email of the source file that they can print at CVS, Walgreens or any photo processor at a size up to 11x14”.   The quality is that good.   Each person can share on social media the image. Facebook, Instagram or whatever platform they would like.   All images I produce will be online in a digital gallery that allows your guests to access even if they lose the original image. 

You simply just can’t get this level of service by having an artist hand you a sheet of paper that was drawn quickly in 3 minutes.