Anothe from @earthsworld reference photo.
Another caricature based on @earthsworld reference.
Caricature based on @earthsworld reference
Caricature based on @earthsworld reference
Here is a full sheet abstract watercolor on 300# Fabriano cotton rag paper.  A full sheet is 22x30” and framed this would be approx. 28”x36”.
Mark Zuckerburg sketch
Guessing starts now?
“Bullwinkle”. I completed painting my Moose wine holder sculpture today.  This was hand built from clay and then kiln fired.  This was inspired by the moose we saw at Glacier National Park last summer. @louisianapottery
Gerry Beckley and Dewy Bunnell of America.
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New watercolor 16x16.  Framed size 24x24
I made this watercolor a couple years ago.  The bird is an Anhinga.  An interesting and beautiful bird.  They have to airout and dry their wings in order to fly.
Happy Birthday Jan Op De Beeck.  Ever deserves a caricature on their birthday!
Todays caricature BBQ with references from @earthsworld @newbeesband